NEWS RELEASE: Code Enforcement Coordinates with Allegheny; Puts Power to Paint in Property Owners’ Hands

June 29, 2012

Allegheny Power has granted property owners permission to paint over graffiti on utility boxes.

 MORGANTOWN – The City of Morgantown is announcing a new effort to clean up graffiti downtown – and it puts the power to clean up in the business and property owners’ hands.

The City has been discussing removal of “tagging,” or anonymously labeling a surface using graffiti-style artwork, in the downtown area.  Recent efforts by the Public Works Department and the Monongalia County Commission removed all tags and graffiti from the back parking area of the Federal Building (former post office), along Chestnut Street.  Now, Code Enforcement has coordinated with Allegheny Power to restore tagged utility boxes as well.

Allegheny Power has granted permission for property owners to paint over tagged utility boxes.  The power company did provide Code Enforcement with a list of guidelines for painting, with one main point: you can paint over graffiti on the utility boxes, but no tampering with the meter is allowed.

Property owners may paint the outside of the box only, using a brush, roller, or spray gun.  Pre-paint prep must include rust removal, and painters must be careful not to cover any identifying stickers or labels, and not damage any adjoining property or meters.  A full list of guidelines can be provided to any property owner looking to rid their property of graffiti and tags.

If you are a property owner and would like more information on painting utility boxes on your property, contact Code Enforcement Officer Mark Trump at 304-284-7517 before you begin.

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