City Council Goals & Objectives for FY2013 Budget

Here are the notes from last evening’s City Council meeting.  Councilors had the chance to share their Goals & Suggestions for th budget, FY 2013.  Next I’ll post Department Heads’ Goals & Objectives for next year’s budget!  (Forgive the shoddy formatting – doesn’t translate well from Microsoft Word.)

City Council Regular Meeting

February 21, 2012
Council Chambers


These are the City Council Goals & Objectives for FY 2013. They were first to be given at the February 13, 2012 conference sessison. After 9 departmental presentations, there wasn’t enough time left for City Council to share their thoughts on the upcoming budget year. So, at this next City Council Meeting, City Council was given time to share these points.


1.) Ron Bane
Deputy Mayor and 1st Ward Councilor

– I would like to see the budget cover three things:
Service levels: that we maintain service that was previously given – that means to maintain those who are employed now, so we can keep that level of service, street, fire, police, that we’ve given in the past
Infrastructure: roads, sidewalks, should be second goal
Some Infrastructure that we don’t look at: I think this year, after Year of the Child, year of the green, this should be year of the streets, because we have so many street signs gone in each ward. We need innovative ways: maybe the telephone pole signs in Sunnyside are a good idea.
– Just for us in First Ward, we have the Learning Trail. We walk, walk our dogs, we’ve tried to give $10K to BOPARC…if we could just get some gravel to them, that would help. There are areas susceptible to slides.
– Also, motorpool.


2.) Wes Nugent
3rd Ward Councilor
Goals and Objectives
– To add to Councilor Bane, we need to work on Street Signs
Highland and Jones and Fife and Price are two good examples
– Let’s pay attention to what the ongoing B&O Tax Base provides
How can we continue to grow this pot?
– Capital Escrow Fund
Current Year budget and last budgets, it’s surprising how many projects are included in the CEF now
Let’s consider a Cap Escrow Fund for nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar type of projects


3.) Jenny Selin
4th Ward Councilor
Goals & Objectives
– I think whatever we can do to support our projects at the airport is important
– It’s important to complete the Market Shelter and do it in a top-notch way
– Massive Clean-Up Campaign
Whatever we can do to clean up entrances to the City
Clean up the front of City Hall.
Maybe find funding to get the machine that can clean up gum from High Street (referenced Linda Herbst’s son and his efforts to get this machine)
– Wayfinding & Street Signs


4.) Marti Shamberger
5th Ward Councilor
Goals & Objectives
– Signage issue needs fixed
– Lighting throughout the City
We pay for these lights, even though they’re out


5.) Bill Byrne
6th Ward Councilor
Goals & Objectives
– Investing where we can get a return
$19 Million of the $24 million we have goes to wages, comp, insurance, etc.
That only leaves $5 million for everything else
**We should invest this in places we get a return**
Support Main Street
Support Sunnyside Up
**Expect results from these two groups
Neighborhood Associations
We should do what we can to bring people downtown
– Morgantown Children’s Theatre: A MET Activity that’s bringing lots of people
– Public Theatre
– Supporting Local Businesses
Marketplace – that’s a significant investment – find the money to do it right
– Code Enforcement to improve quality of life
Clean and Enhance the Gateways
– Stewart St
– Willey St
BOPARC & Parks
– Woodburn
– Jerome Park
– Sunnyside Greenspace
– Need political and financial support
– Trails
– We should be saving money for a new City Hall
In 10 years, this structure is going to be in tough shape
– Commitment to OPEB
– Sidewalks and Roads
– Proceedurally
We have this one-time money that comes in from the B&O Construction. It would be a good idea for Manager and Finance Dir to give direction into dividing into Capital Projects (Little $5K and $10 in the CEF should be divided out of CEF)


6.) Linda Herbst
7th Ward Councilor
Goals & Objectives
– Use Theatre, Markeplace, Waterfront Ampitheatre to bring more people downtown
– Instead of shelling money out, BOPARC could be more self-sustaining if handled right
– I’d like to see a return on the money with Sunnyside Up and Main Street Morgantown


7.) Jim Manilla
Mayor and 2nd Ward Councilor
Goals & Objectives
– Want to make sure we’re fiscally sound
– Streets and sidewalks
– I agree with Nugent and Byrne concerning Capital Escrow Account should be prioritized
Get capital projects separate and see what we’re giving to folks and what we’re getting back to grow our B&O Tax Base
Our revenues have been black, and the cost of living and insurance is going up, and we have to be very frugal, and I’d like to see us prioritize the CEF
Cut them out, cut them in half, we need to do it
– I agree with Councilors Seline and Shamberger – the littler is awful, and I’m looking forward to seeing Tom Arnold give his ideas on working on this, which we’ve been working on that since 1785
I come down Willey Street, and it’s deplorable

Wrap Up
City Manager Terrence Moore:
– The purpose of this is to proceed in such a way that department managers and city councilors are on the same page as far as priorities, goals, and objectives, and creating an environment for not only the next year but the upcoming years and be on the same page as far as direction is concerned.
– That’s why the importance of this practice is paramount, and we thank you for your input.


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