Constellation Energy Reports more than $200,000 in Energy Savings for City of Morgantown Facilities


Constellation NewEnergy

Constellation started helping the City in 2009 make its facilities more energy efficient.

The Pennsylvania energy projects firm met with Officials Monday to give the first Annual Report for 2011.

February 17, 2012

MORGANTOWN – The City of Morgantown administrators say they’re very pleased with the 2011 energy cost savings numbers presented to them Monday by Constellation Energy.

The City worked with the Pittsburgh-based energy projects and services firm in 2009 to determine how it could reduce energy costs for city facilities and infrastructure.  The City moved forward with lighting upgrades in both the Morgantown Municipal Building and the Public Safety Building, boiler upgrades, ancillary pipe insulation, metal roof replacement for the Public Works and Engineering garage, and automatic temperature control (ATC) systems for each facility in 2010.

On Monday, February 10, Joe Hudak from Constellation Energy met with City Manager Terrence R. Moore, Deputy City Manager Jeff Mikorski, and Morgantown Green Team Chair Dr. Chris Haddox to give a full verification report that included an Annual Savings Snapshot.  In it, Constellation determined that a total of $203,884 was saved by the City in 2011.  Most of these savings are found in the lighting upgrades, saving the city more than $116,000.  The new, energy efficient lighting and auto-on, auto-off features also cut electric demand back by nearly 2,800 kW, or kilowatts.

“I wish to publicly thank all involved for helping the City of Morgantown with this achievement, yielding successful execution of a sound costs savings strategy,” said City Manager Terrence R. Moore.

Moore also says the Morgantown Green Team will use this information, as well as tracking and analysis of other data, like utility bills, to create a verification presentation at an upcoming Committee of the Whole Meeting.

If you have questions, please contact City Manager Terrence R. Moore, ICMA-CM, at his office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  The number there is (304) 284-7405.

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